A Perfect Facebook Fan Page Example

Perfect Facebook Fan Page Example

Facebook Fan Page Example

It’s not about the look, it’s not about the profile picture or custom tab and it’s not about buying fans, so what makes a Facebook fan page go viral? Engagement!  posting things that people love to share.
It’s funny how the people online telling you that you need to invest your money in a custom Facebook fan page, are either selling them, selling their social media management services or similar. I am telling you now that you do not need a custom fan page or any other service that people are trying to sell you. Facebook fan pages just work naturally if you get it right and they will never cost you a penny, if you get it wrong, no one will follow you even if you had a custom fan page that cost you £1000 and was built by the best web developer in the world. It is all down to what you post in your timeline and some careful consideration on how you set it up in terms of the name and and a few little bits and bobs at the start.
If I emailed you the funniest joke that you have ever heard in your life, do you think you would share it? Of course you would. If I sent you the cutest image of a little puppy doing something amazing, would you share it? Quite possibly. That is the first key to an amazing Fan page, posting info, images and things that people love to share. The second key, never ever post something that you would not love to see yourself. The third key, don’t talk about your business and never ever sell on the page, not even once a month. The fourth key, Never buy a single fan. It sounds harsh I know, and you may be thinking what is the point of that?
A perfect fan page example is Surfing Rainbows with over 9000 fans at the time of writing of which 3,000 are “Talking About it”, Surfing Rainbows is a business, but you would never know that by looking at the page or following them. They never talk business and only post good things. So what is the point of having a page if you can not monitise it? Because they are sharing their brand name all over the world and one person at a time becoming a household name. If any of the fans see the book for sale, oh’ I know them! and on the other hand, if you pop over to their Business Website you will see their Facebook Like box with 9,000 people liking them, now that is credibility to their business clients.
A bad example of a page is Npower, someone invited me to join their page to help my local team raise some money, I headed over there, and they have made an expensive App for every Football team, I was told to supply my home phone details and name before I could continue and help my team. It was bribing me, and I headed the other way after a really bad experience.
If you are looking to build a fan page, have a think about being creative with images, share funny and inspiring pictures about your niche area, even a plumber can do this. if you can not find any funny images, make them using one of the Free Image Tools on Impactive. It seems daunting starting a page with zero fans, but if you are patient and build one fan at a time the rewards can be huge for your brand, make short term fan targets of just 10 at a time to start with and before you know it it will be one hundred at a time and then a thousand.


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