Attraction Marketing For Small Business

People up and down the country sit in front of their computer frustratedly looking for ways to market their business and for places to place their next advert. Most of them start resorting to spamming out messages on social media sites and placing adverts on free classified sites to desperately try to drive traffic back to their site and business.

Stop it right now! when you start to get desperate, you become highly unattractive and even repel people away from you. The phrase Attraction Marketing has been around for a while now, most people online choose to ignore it, but the very best internet marketers online use it to great effect and make fortunes doing so.

When you start to use attraction marketing in your marketing efforts, not only do you get great results for your business but your advertising spend will reduce massively and even disappear over time.

Attraction marketing put simply is a form of marketing where you provide value to your potential customers, then over a period of time you build a relationship with them and attract them to become a paying customer, and because you have spent some time building the relationship, giving valuable advice, tips, help and support, they in turn become a loyal customer in the future.

The biggest objections I get when suggesting attraction marketing to a small business is time, or they don’t think they have the skills to do it or they don’t know what to write about, others do start and give up after a couple of weeks because they have not had thousands of pounds drop into their bank account, but the businesses who really do put in the effort, are rewarded big time.

Attraction marketing can work on and offline, remember the bakers dozen, the baker would give you an extra bun to ensure you came back to the shop again, Indian restaurants also do it well with free Papadoms.

Online, one of the best ways of attraction marketing is having a blog as part of your website, then using the blog to write tips, offer help and generally talk to your customers.

Not enough time and lack of skills? It does not take long to write a couple of blog posts a week and once you start, it becomes quick, simple and fun, each blog post becomes another shop window on the internet, people find your blog posts, read them and then see that they are on your site, they have a look around, and if they have been given value in the blog post, they will look out for future posts. More valuable posts moving forward can equate to a new customer. And skills, it is as simple as posting on Facebook.

I don’t know what to write?  You are the expert in whatever business sector or niche that you are in, there is not a business in the world that can not provide helpful information to people searching for that niche. For example a local butcher came to me and asked what they could do with attraction marketing. Now they are providing tips for recipes, outside catering, dinner parties, bbq’s and a whole lot more to do with food in their local area. They are everywhere online in the local town and prove just how every business can do the same to promote themselves.


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