BBC News – Micropayments: Would you pay 20p to read an article?

Micropayments: Would you pay 20p to read an article?By Dave LeeTechnology reporter, BBC NewsA plethora of titles – but for how long? Without devising a fresh way to make money, newspapers will continue to suffer from falling salesHow much is an online article worth to you?After reading the first few lines, would you pay a bit of money to read the rest of it?Continue reading the main storySpecial Report: The Technology of BusinessHow to use customers to get aheadHow drones are helping the wine industryDubais cafe creativesIndias digital switchover beginsConnecting MogadishuTop toys get techy for ChristmasTVs zombie apocalypseWorkplaces that build Africas futureConsider this as a future: paying small amounts to read, watch and listen to content online. 20 pence 32 US cents for a feature here, 10p for a news story there.Its a system called micropayments, and some believe it is the future for supporting journalism, and other creative content, on the internet.The likes of Google and Paypal have begun to roll out and promote their technologies, and there are a number of smaller players hoping to break-through.

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