Google Semantic Search Will Change SEO As We Know It

Google semantic Search


Google semantic Search

We have yet to see the finer details of the soon to be released Google semantic search, but it is going to dramatically change search in the form we know it now.

There are not too many details around right know, but what is out there is generally saying it is going to be the biggest shake up for many years at Google. We had the Panda release  last year which is designed to get rid of the not so good websites and make everything grandma friendly, and semantic is basically to do the same with search, to provide a great experience for people searching. At the moment an SEO company can rank a site by stuffing keywords into the page title and content but the site can be atrocious, a bad experience for the person searching. Going forward, Google search will be thinking more like a human and actually delivering better results for the search term.

At present if you type ‘Banbury’ into Google, you get the best Seo sites full of information that you probably don’t want, top of the list is a directory site selling advertising space to businesses in Banbury, you have the local newspaper, National rail enquires Banbury, Banbury folk festival and a couple more poor advertising sites. These sites will be gone, and instead when you type in the search term ‘Banbury’  you will get all the relevant information on the town, size, population, history, images, video, etc , and that is what the person who is searching ‘Banbury’ is looking for.

How will this affect our sites and blogs? 

Now is the time to start thinking Google Panda  and start to write content that people share via Google+ and other social media sites, the more you are shared and recommended by others, the higher you will rank in the new Google.

Google is starting this in the next couple of months, so it is definitely time to think about it now, it will be a few years before they perfect it, if ever, they may be constantly improving ongoing to make it and keep it as the best search engine online.

The Wall Street Journal wrote; Over the next few months, Google’s search engine will begin spitting out more than a list of blue Web links. It will also present more facts and direct answers to queries at the top of the search-results page. Google’s Amit Singhal sees better matches for queries. The changes to search are among the biggest in the company’s history and could affect millions of websites that rely on Google’s current page-ranking results. At the same time, they could give Google more ways to serve up advertisements. Read More on WSJ wrote. A Well co-ordinated press releases over the past couple of weeks provide a hint at what Google has up its sleeve. We believe it will mark one of the most significant changes to search engine marketing since AdWords was launched. In fact, this could be the beginning of the end of search results as we know them…Read More  

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  1. Nick March 26, 2012 at 9:09 pm #

    Nice Post, in my opinion Google semantic search is going to change the whole landscape online, I am looking for as much info as possible to get my sites into position for the changes.

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