Pricing for Impactive Websites



As you can imagine, every site is different and everyone has different ideas of what they want, as a benchmark to give you a rough idea, all sites come with;

  • Premium WordPress Theme and Customer Management System
  • Premium design and set up of the theme
  • Integration of your social media buttons
  • Facebook Custom comments on the pages for maximum social sharing
  • Domain name (Researched to give you maximum visitors)
  • 12 months high speed hosting
  • Integrated Blog
  • Email
  • Pluggins including SEO, Social bookmarking, Images in Google results
  • Search engine submission
  • Google Analytics
  • Full website inserted in your Facebook business page

A standard 5 page site (You supply the content) with high spec design and all the above, which is perfect for the small business will cost you only £299 and if you require any extra pages, they will be charged at £50 per page.

There are no monthly costs at all and changes/updates are charged at £50 per hour thereafter. Please note that there is an anual hosting fee of £100 to keep the site live with the hosting provider, and the first year is included in the original cost.

*** These prices can change at any time
Web developers are charging over (or over charging) £1000 for similar sites, don’t be put off by my low price, I do just as good a job, in most cases a lot better and I care about the sites I make. I do not tie you in to me, you are free to leave and take the product that you have paid for at any time you wish, and I will even assist you to do so if required. I never get on the phone or to a meeting to ascertain how much money you have before I give you a price. The costs above apply to small and large businesses

In the first instance, send me a message via the contact form  with your details included and lets speak! or call me.

I can make all sorts of sites including membership, commerce, video, platforms etc with many different designs, use the contact form  for all enquiries! Just ask and I may be able to help or even steer you in the right direction if it is a job that is not in my arena.

Thanks for taking time to visit!

Smiles : )

Andy Phelps