Twitter Buys Posterous – Big Lesson Learned For The Users

I have often advised people to stay away from blogging platforms and today we have the perfect example and reason to steer clear from all of them.
Twitter buys Posterous the blogging platform, Posterous has been going for around 4 years now and many people have been happily blogging away on Posterous for years now, the blogs rank highly in the search engines and they look pretty cool too, Posterous integrated some cool features which attracted some of the biggest bloggers online.
Today it was announced that Posterous have been bought out buy Twitter, So what is they problem? Surely it will get better with Twitter investment!
No, Twitter has bought it to get their hands on the talent of the staff, not for the platform. That means that at some point in the future, Posterous will fade away leaving all the bloggers with no site. I understand the bloggers will be able to move their content away, but what a hassle.
There are many blogging platforms out there, but why on earth would you want to add content to someone else’s platform when you can do it yourself and own your own? It is not too difficult or expensive to set up a WordPress blog with your own hosting and own it all for yourself and not be tied to anyone at all.
It is never to late to start your own site or blog and who knows, Twitter may come knocking if you do a good job.


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